Rami Kimchi

Rami Kimchi is an Israeli culture critic and filmmaker. His films include Galia’s Wedding (1986), Travels with My Brother (1997), Cinema Egypt (2001), and Father Language (2006), The Night of Fools ( 2014) His main research interests are Israeli cinema, modern Hebrew literature, Yiddish literature, Palestinian cinema, and Near Eastern cinema. He has published a book- The Israeli Shtetls – Bourekas Films and Yiddish Literature (2012, Resling )- and articles in Shofar, Reeh, Balshanoot Ivrit ,Dapim ,Moreshet Israel and Hakivoon Mizrach.

Kimchi received his PhD in Near Eastern Studies from the University of Michigan, his DEA in Jewish Civilization from Paris University, his MA in Hebrew Literature and his BA in Film Television from Tel Aviv University.

Kimchi was the winner of the Dov Sadan Prize for Hebrew Literature in 1993 and won prizes for his film Galia’s Wedding at the International Film Festival in Jerusalem in 1987 and the Munich International Film Festival in 1986