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Cloudy Sunday

Drama Feature Narrative Narrative

Manoussos Manoussakis

Greece | 2016 | 118 min


with English subtitles


Set in Thessaloniki (Salonica), Greece, during the Nazi occupation in 1943, this film tells the story of the forbidden love between Estrea, a young Jewish woman, and Giorgos, the brother-in-law of the famed composer Vassilis Tsitsanis.

Director's Bio

Manousos Manousakis (Greek: Μανούσος Μανουσάκης) is a well-known Greek director, producer, writer and actor. He was born in Athens, Greece on 14 January 1950 . He studied at the London Film School. His spouse is named Maria and they have two children. He is a nephew of Irene Papas and first cousin of Aias Manthopoulos. He is an avid sailor and has won several regattas.

Screening Schedule

April 02nd
06:30 pm
CJH Auditorium