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Dimona Twist

Documentary Feature

Michal Aviad

Israel | 2016 | 70 min


with English subtitles


Like most of Israel’s southern periphery, Dimona was a town created primarily for Middle Eastern Jewish immigrants and refugees. Seven courageous Sephardi women share their stories about being shipped to this desert town originally built in the 1950s. Determined to create meaningful lives they found creative ways to overcome poverty and discrimination.

Director's Bio

Michal Aviad is a director, scriptwriter, producer and senior lecturer at the Department of Cinema and Television, Tel Aviv University.

Born in Jerusalem in 1955, her mother was an immigrant from Italy and her father an immigrant from Hungary. She graduated in 1981 in literature and philosophy from Tel Aviv University. In 1984, she received a Master of Film from San Francisco State University. Between 1981 and 1990 she lived and worked in San Francisco where she made her first film. Since 1991, she has been a lecturer at the department of Cinema and Television at Tel Aviv University. Aviad’s films bring to light the complex relationships between women issues and other major social-political issues such as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Screening Schedule

April 03rd
05:00 pm
CJH Auditorium