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Remember Baghdad


Fiona Murphy

USA UK | 2017 | 69 min



In this expertly made documentary, using a unique blend of powerful home movies and photos, alongside public source news footage, we meet several storied Baghdadi Jewish families: the Dallals who import tires, the Khalastchis who sell cars, the Shamashes who are property developers and politicians, and the Dangoors who import Coca-Cola - all working in partnerships with their Muslim Iraqi friends and neighbors. The story of Baghdad’s last Jews—from gaiety to revolutions, community celebrations to persecution and public hangings—opens out onto the wider story of the effectual end of Iraq’s Jewish community after 2,500 years.

Director's Bio

Fiona trained at the BBC and worked at Granada and Third Eye before becoming a journalist. After reviewing films for Paper Magazine in New York, she freelanced in London, writing on design for The Guardian and The Financial Times amongst others. She returned to filmmaking and her film The Other Irish Travellers ran as a Storyville on BBC4.

Screening Schedule

March 15th
07:30 pm
CJH Auditorium