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Sara Levy Cohen


Zohar Melinek Ezra

Israel | 2014 | 13 min

Ladino Hebrew

with English subtitles


A 96-year old woman has lived in the same apartment for 70 years in Jerusalem. Before immigrating to Israel from Turkey, she sang traditional songs in Ladino, her mother-tongue. While Ladino fades away, it also reveals a story of cultural identity in constant motion.

Director's Bio

Zohar Melinek Ezra is an Israeli/Canadian film director, cinematographer and editor based in Tel Aviv. He has created several internationally acclaimed films and projects, most recently the popular documentary series – “Spectrums” (2017). His film “Nation’s Legacy of Severance” (2014) has won Best Experimental Film at the Toronto Film Week in 2016. Zohar has received the 2017 Mifal HaPais Culture grant for documentary project development. In 2014 he has received for the second time the CALQ VivaCite grant. In 2013 he received The Canada Council project development grant. Zohar has a BA in Intermedia arts from the Concordia University in Montreal, has an MA in Film Production from Sapir College and has a Directing Diploma from The Vancouver Film School.

Screening Schedule

March 13th
07:30 pm
CJH Auditorium