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The Pirate Captain Toledano

Narrative Short

Arnon Shorr

USA | 2017 | 10 min



On a 16th century ship, a Jewish stowaway who fled the Inquisition wants to become a pirate to avenge Spanish persecution. The captain must decide whether to make him a pirate... or make him walk the plank. An imaginary take on the real history of the Sephardi pirates of the Caribbean.

Director's Bio

Arnon is an Israeli/American modern-Orthodox Jewish filmmaker who lives and works in Los Angeles. His award-winning shorts and features have screened in festivals around the world.

His work includes award-winning feature films, dozens of shorts, and a Jewish comedy web-series that was featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. He is an Israeli/American with a blended heritage of European and North African ancestry, including family that was expelled from Portugal —like his characters in this film— by the Inquisition in the late 15th century.

In addition to making films, Arnon has taught film history, production and post-production courses at several high schools and colleges. He founded the SunDeis Film Festival at Brandeis University in 2004 with Adam Irving (director of last year’s hit documentary “Off the Rails.”) After he graduated, Arnon saw the festival mantle picked up by Scott Feinberg (now the Hollywood Reporter’s awards season expert).

Arnon is an active storyteller, not an observer of moments. Whether it’s dark or comedic, he thinks the audience must feel a part of the scene, embraced by the story. He thinks movies need to transport us, even if it’s just to the house next door. Where would you like to go? Let him take you.

Screening Schedule

March 13th
07:00 pm
CJH Auditorium